Lauren Canario is in jail but her mind is free
October 24th, 2007

Lauren Canario is in jail but her mind is free

Nice headshot of LaurenLauren was arrested on October 3rd. She was asked for her license and registration at a traffic stop. She didn’t reply. When arrested, she didn’t follow orders. She went limp and they dragged her to the police car. As of this posting, she’s still in jail and has not been arraigned. Arraignment is supposed to happen within 24 hours of arrest.

A driver’s license isn’t really about competency in driving. The crime Lauren is really being punished for is not respecting their authority.

“I have just spoken to the people who are holding Lauren. They said they are treating her the same way that they treat any thief or murderer that they have in custody.” - Jim Johnson, Lauren’s husband 10/14/2007

You can get updates about Lauren’s protest at the Free Lauren Canario blog.

The video below shows a demonstration against National ID in New Hampshire. Lauren and her husband, Jim are very visible dressed in Nazi-esque uniforms and asking people for their papers as they pass on the sidewalk.
Video: NH Real ID Protest

Cartoon text ( Why is this here? )
Police Officer: License and registration. Nazi Officer: Show your papers.

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  1. admin says:

    I apologize for a few bugs in the site in its’ first few days of operation. There were some problems with the server setup that prevented comments. Obviously that’s been corrected. Keep checking back to see new cartoons on a roughly weekly basis and further improvements to the site.

  2. geoff says:

    So she decided not to get her car registered and then goes out driving it? What does she plan to do if it gets stolen?

  3. Eric says:

    I’m not sure I understand Geoff’s question. If her car were stolen, she would probably either replace it or do without. Do you really think she would entrust to the cops the task of retrieving her car? They’re friggin’ useless.

  4. Puke says:

    The vehicle would still have a VIN number.
    SHe could hire a PI to search for it.

  5. geoff says:

    My question is really simple. What would she do if her car were stolen? She can’t report it to the police because there’s no record of the car. She can’t file a claim with her insurance company, because they wouldn’t have insured it if it’s not registered. That leaves two choices: first, simply accept the fact that it was stolen, or second, turn to some form of vigilante justice.

    I personally wouldn’t be happy with either of these choices. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think society would function well if laws against thievery weren’t enforced.

  6. Ron Helwig says:

    Geoff, what do you do when any other thing is stolen?

    The insurance company can have its own record of the car. In fact, I would prefer a system where the licensing of cars is run totally by the insurance companies. Instead of license plates displaying the name of the state, they would display the name of the insurance company. Any car without a plate would be considered uninsured, thus alerting other drivers and pedestrians to the fact so they can act accordingly.

  7. geoff says:

    I’ve never had anything of great value stolen from me, so I can’t really say. All my valuables are insured, so I’d start there. Items of small value aren’t really worth the overhead, but honestly those small items of mine that were lost or stolen were my own fault. I had $20 stolen out of my wallet at the gym once when I didn’t lock up my stuff, not much I can do about that except not make the same mistake later.

    Turning over registration to the insurance companies is an interesting idea, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it tested on a small scale.

    Marking uninsured drivers is a great idea, but in this case people would probably counterfeit the simpler plates or just steal them from insured cars.

  8. Sean says:

    If Geoff joins the free state project I will have to look at other places to move to instead.

    It is sad that people in this supposedly free country like big brother so much.

    I like what she did, besides isn’t extortion illegal? I forget laws don’t apply to government as they show us on a daily basis!

    Geoff and the rest of the freedom haters need to get the hell out of the U.S. they don’t deserve freedom anyway.

    I remember as a kid how upset people where about National ID’s in other countries and hem saying. That shit wouldn’t be tolerated here, guess they where wrong and by the way your not getting the money you paid into social security either! Are you mad enough to do something yet! Naw, the government will figure it out for ya right? FOOLS

  9. dr. haha says:


    Sir, your acting rather childish about Geoff’s question. Geoff has an excellent question. All you can do is be an asshole and not see anything other than your little liberty dream world. Guess what buddy we live in a nation of laws, some laws our a good idea. Not all the laws are good. Personally I think getting a license plate isn’t so bad. Course I guess I’m just a boot licker. Ya know I stop at stop signs, and I yield at yield signs, and I wear a seat belt cause I want to protect myself. Its perfectly legal to eat MSG, and drink your self to death, but you wont see me doing it. I’m born and raised NH.

  10. dr. haha says:

    It’s also legal to pick and feed yourself poison ivy.

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