Tyranny in your head

Tyranny in your head

This one is a bit cerebral. Rather than explain it, I’d rather see from the comments whether people get it.

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  1. KatKanning says:

    Love your comics! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Puke says:

    Yay for comments!
    Trees are funny!

  3. Silent says:

    Heh. Ignoring something doesn’t change it’s status but it can irritate it. Now if that something acted and its power was ignored not only by the entity it acted upon but by everything else, then you’ve got true non-existence.

    Lauren ignores the power that imprisons her but it still exists because other people acknowledge and act upon it. But if others were to refuse to acknowledge it and cause her freedom because of it, then you’d have a truly impotent power structure. And since nobody likes to be called impotent, least of all a president or judge…

  4. I once got into an argument with someone (whose name I’ve forgotten) who said we should never say the president because to do so is to give him power in our minds; we should always say Bill Clinton. I said, I have no quarrel with Bill Clinton as such; my quarrel is with the presidency, no matter who occupies it.

  5. David says:


    But the only power the president has is the power that people project onto him. If people don’t recognize a government, what makes it a government? Just some pieces of paper claiming so and the government officials. I could make up some of those papers myself, and get a few friends together and call ourselves the government, but until the people recognize that authority, it means absolutely nothing.

  6. Dinnerboi says:

    Ideological Statism for the win!