Politics in Bizarro World

Politics in Bizarro World

A local candidate is trying to give her salary back to tax-payers. Perhaps she chose a method that’s a bit too… creative, but what’s really absurd is that politicians engage in bribery all the the time and attorney generals don’t make a peep. It’s gone on so long that it’s considered normal in the bizarre world of politics.

Here’s a quote from Free Keene. Read the whole article here.

Ward 4 City Council candidate Julia Miranda has been threatened with one to seven years in state prison by the New Hampshire Attorney General. In a “Cease and Desist Order” sent to Miranda today, the Attorney General alleges that Ms. Miranda’s offer to give away her $500 city council paychecks to randomly chosen Ward 4 voters amounts to “a direct or indirect bribe”.

Cartoon Text ( Why is this here? )
Julia Miranda: I’m going to give my own government salary back to tax-payers whether they vote for me or not!
Some Typical Politician: I constantly bribe potential constituents with money stolen using government force!

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  1. Puke says:

    Government does not approve of taxes being returned to their rightful owners.
    I wonder which local candidate running against Julia called the AG to complain?
    This is why America is falling. I hear it all the time “If yu want to change it then run for office.” As if that’s the only way a citizen should try to seize liberty back from the government.

    The system is the problem. Freedom lover’s can’t win the game by following the rules when the fancy-hats at the top constantly change those rules.

  2. srqrebel says:

    Great cartoon! Once again, Dale succinctly captures the THE point of the issue at hand.

    The subtle allusions to crookedness and the NH AG as a hero in his/her own mind add a great finishing touch.

    Keep the great work coming! :)

  3. Ron Helwig says:

    What’s a ‘consituent’? :-)

  4. KatKanning says:

    Funny! I love the caracature of Julia.

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  6. Dale says:

    I finally got around to fixing the spelling error. I was getting self conscious since several other sites are now reposting the cartoon including The LRC Blog.

  7. MikeHz says:

    Great cartoons! I’ve bookmarked the site.