Funny Money

Funny Money

Are Liberty Dollars funny money? They’re made of pure gold, silver, or platinum. Meanwhile, our Federal Reserve Notes have nothing of value to back them up except the word of politicians, and we know how much that’s worth.

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Liberty Dollar was ransacked by FBI agents recently and everything in their inventory was taken. Ron Paul was asked to comment in this short video.

Cartoon Text ( Why is this here? )
Customer: Do you take silver rounds? Merchant: What the hell is this funny money? Customer: That’s an ounce of pure silver! Merchant: We only take real money! Customer: Paper Merchant: right.

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  1. Puke says:

    Sad but true. The “good old green-back” is just paper. It has been losing value since the 30’s, when the government removed the gold standard. Now the green-back is backed only by faith in the government!
    I’ll take real metal and real value. Awesome ‘toon Dale.

  2. As a consequence of the raid, Liberty Dollars are very scarce. On ebay the Ron Paul Libertys are going for $300-$500 each! Many people are scrambling to get Liberty Dollar Certificates so that they can join the class action lawsuit (as the silver backing the certificates were confiscated in the raid.) The store that sells collectable Libertys (going back to 1999) is having a liquidation sale- And with no more being minted until the end of any legal proceedings, it may be quite awhile before the prices of Libertys come back down. Even common Libertys are going on ebay for $40-$50!

  3. swag says:

    Screw that horsecrap about gold-backed dollars. Go back to college and take a basic economics course. Anything is only worth what people are willing to say it’s worth, whether it’s paper currency, gold, home mortgages, dot com stocks, or Dutch tulips. You’re deluded if you think that the precious metals market isn’t at least as screwed up as any commodities, stock, or currency market.

    Time to pull your head out of the sand.

  4. Lauren says:

    Hope you didn’t pay silver for your state education, swag.

  5. srqrebel says:

    Hmm… swag = statist wacko Alan Greenspan?


  6. Anthony says:


    As someone who has taken a few basic economics courses as well as several advanced economics courses I just have to say that you are an idiot. Value is not determined by what people say something is worth. For example. Your mother has been telling you that you are valuable when in reality you are worthless.

    It also does not matter what value someone says something has. The government frequently says that certain goods and services must have a specific value in order to be sold. They can say that the value of the dollar is worth a certain amount but that means absolutely nothing. Your boss can say that the value of a night of your services is $5.00 but we all know that you are worth no where near that amount.

    The reason is because value isn’t based on what people say but on what people are willing to pay. Value is basically a function of supply and demand. There is no demand for you which is why you are worthless and even though there is one of you, the market is already oversupplied.

    Now when you compare paper money with gold. The supply of gold is far more stable than the supply of paper money. The reason is simple. The supply of paper money can fluctuate quickly and can easily be overproduced. Gold or any other metal is difficult to extract so the supply does not quickly change. It remains more stable.

    How often in the history of money has there ever been a case of hyperinflation involving gold or silver? It happens frequently with paper money. That should tell you something.


  7. “Your mother has been telling you that you are valuable when in reality you are worthless.” – Anthony.

    Nice. Thanks for the economics lesson in insult form. It’s a lot easier to follow that way 😉

  8. Rich says:

    I thought everyone knew that SWAG stands for scientifically wild-ass guess.

  9. The Blank says:

    Do any of you know why your country went off the gold standard?

    It was because the french were buying up all the American currency they could, taking it back to France and melting it down for the gold

    it was ruining your economy

    so going back of the gold standard could cause the same thing to happen again

  10. Michelle says:

    On the other hand, if your govt has taken your right to hunt and global warming, I mean the ice age, I mean whatever it takes to take away your freedom messes with your ability to grow a garden, and you are in the middle of a great depression and unemployed so you can’t earn paper money – I’m betting that your gold won’t be worth as much as Mrs Baker’s loaf of bread. And she may or may not be willing to trade you some bread for gold if she thinks she can make more bread tomorrow. Unless you’ve really insulted her at some point in the past & she’d rather see you starve… Of course you could probably steal the bread and beat her up in the process, and the corrupt govt would probably say that you had a bad childhood. Economics is really interesting when the rubber hits the road.

  11. dr. haha says:

    Who in their effing right mind would pay for a cup of coffe with an oz of silver? Id break out a mercury dime, but id never break out a 1 oz silver round. That coffee looked like some shitty NH country store coffee. YA know they usualy use Folgers or Maxwell house at those dives.