DDR at Porcfest

DDR at Porcfest

Oh yes. There will be Dance, Dance Revolution at Porcfest 2008. Start practicing.

Visit the store to browse items with this design. These are just a few.

DDR Porcupine t-shirtDDR Porcupine t-shirtDDR Porcupine totebag

Cartoon Text ( Why is this here? ):
Porcupine: Don’t tread on me.

Porcupine: Tread on this!

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  1. Who’s brilliant idea was this, anyway? 🙂

  2. KatKanning says:


  3. TeG01 says:

    this sounds like a roadtrip! jsut to get there!
    most of my friends are really pro at DDR

  4. Danarchy says:

    wow i cant get showed up by some 12 year old, i will start practicing

  5. architect Tucson says:

    Dance, Dance Revolution is a super funny game. I always watch my son playing this. But I’m thinking about buying this with a dance mat, he played the arcade mode but not the ps2 one and he need to practice with his own feet to become a truly pro dancer. We use to play this at the mall and I can’t even finish the standard mode! And take a look at my son! I am too noob for him.. But at least I can finish the tutorial mode.. Next year if my son will be really a good at it then I will let him join the DDR at Porcfest.