Lack of Faith is a Virtue

Lack of Faith is a Virtue

Anarchy is a personal philosophy. It shouldn’t be mistaken for a collectivist system but it often is. People will say “I just don’t know if it will work” as if it’s a system to be implemented. Meanwhile, statism isn’t working. This we already know. Why? Notions of where State authority is derived were fabricated by desperate people out of a desire for something to exist that simply does not. Out of a desire to have an institution to protect our rights, we created an institution built on the premise of violating people’s rights.

Anarchy is a lack of belief in the State just as atheism is a lack of belief in gods. Without evidence for this so-called authority that the State claims, and in the face of glaring logical inconsistencies, the rational view is that it does not exist. Where does this authority come from? How did wealthy white slave-owners writing on a piece of paper two centuries ago create supreme law when if I write on a piece of paper it’s just an opinion? Irrational beliefs lead us to make irrational decisions. Being unaware of gravity doesn’t mean you won’t fall if you step off a cliff, contrary to what Bugs Bunny tells us. Acknowledging reality is the first and most crucial step to finding real solutions to our problems.

If someone says we have to have some kind of authoritative government, that’s unfortunate because we don’t. All we have is a lie. If you ask me how we will solve all the problems of the world other than with a state, I can’t answer that. If you took up a certain religion because you were afraid of death and wanted to go to heaven, your belief and even the combined belief of millions doesn’t cause a heaven to spontaneously appear. Either it exists or it does not. Maybe we’re just going to die. I think we’ll find ways to extend our lives exponentially, but those solutions will have to be based in reality. Anything else is just a false sense of security that delays us from seeking real solutions.

Our ancestors created a state to protect our rights knowing that it would have to violate our rights. Meanwhile, we still have crime despite police and courts. We still have accidents despite countless traffic laws. We still get attacked from abroad. Removing the state won’t result in a perfect world with no problems, but the world is far from perfect now. How ineffective does it have to be before people lose faith and realize the benefit is severely outweighed by the harm? We certainly don’t live in a Utopian world and yet look at the sacrifices we make to maintain this delusion. In a stateless society, sometimes rights will get violated just as they do now. That’s reality. The question shouldn’t be whether a stateless society can work as if the answer is “yes” or “no”. The question should be whether it could be better. I say it can, but it will depend on reason and optimism; not faith.

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  1. Landon Jeffery says:

    I love the new style dale. It really seems to bring the charecters to life ;) Stick with it I am really starting to enjoy your comic more and more every day.

  2. Puke says:

    I think the new style looks great. It really isn’t yhat different.

  3. David Krouse says:

    The flying spagetti monster banished the Boogy Man. Yup, a little bit of irony there. :)

  4. Your last sentence about having reason and optimism; not faith, isn’t optimism a hopefulness and confidence about the future? So isn’t faith the very substance of things hoped for, which makes hope the evidence of things we can’t see?

  5. Slim says:

    I really don’t notice any significant difference in the style. Great job, 1st time masturbating sure I don’t believe that for a second.

  6. Aaron Kinney says:

    This one kicks ass. FSM is the perfect touch!

  7. KBCraig says:

    Love the new style! The variable line widths and use of shadow and light are great improvements. It makes it feel more “drawn” than computer-generated.

    Big props for the FSM.

  8. Lauren says:

    Does the flying spagetti monster have a ritual like the catholics where you eat the main deity? Is that why he says bite me?

    This style looks messy compared to the old style. It works to impart an emotional urgency, but usually you are making a pun or joke, not drama. I liked the old precise orderly style better.

  9. Dale says:

    Did today’s strip come across as dramatic and not funny? I was laughing really hard when I thought of it. I thought it was a humorous combination of melodrama and irony. This was going to be a week earlier, but I ended up putting it off when the idea for last week’s comic hit me so I wonder if something got lost during that delay.

  10. J’raxis says:

    Your next and previous links seem to be screwed up. It seems to be considering this cartoon as between 2008/04/04 and 2008/04/11.

  11. jimmy says:

    love the new style and yes dale, it’s funny. god is spaghetti and meatballs for cryin out loud!

  12. I love the philosophical explanations under the cartoons in general, and particularly in this one. Most people who come across this site the first time will have a “WTF was that?” reaction, and quite possibly be interested enough to read your well-articulated descriptions.

    One suggestion for the site: how about as prominent link to the FSP?

    Lastly, as to the style itself… I, for one, REALLY prefer the old style. It seemed quite unique and “hyper-real”. This style looks like something I’d see in print. Been there, done that, seen it before. AIYH is radically new and the ideas grab you. The style is (was?) a big part of that.

  13. Kevin Dean says:

    Great job Dale. Maybe Kat will grok the Anarchy Boogeyman now. :)

    I have to say I’m not crazy about the new style, it seems… jumpy. Almost as if the image is out of focus if that makes sense.

    But the style is yours, you’re still getting the message across and it’s still entertaining so it still works. :)

  14. Caleb says:

    I hope this isn’t your way of writing the ABM out of the strip. I like him.

  15. speearr says:

    I like the flying spaghetti monster, it was an unexpected touch…

  16. Dale says:

    “Your next and previous links seem to be screwed up. It seems to be considering this cartoon as between 2008/04/04 and 2008/04/11.”

    I’m afraid the addon I use to generate those navigation buttons doesn’t use a very intelligent method of ordering those. I’m sure it’s because I forgot to add the buttons to the previous comic when I posted it. I realized this and corrected it before I posted this comic and thought that would prevent the ordering problem so I’m not sure why it happened.

    “I hope this isn’t your way of writing the ABM out of the strip. I like him.”

    I can’t give away future story lines, but I will say that comics are a bit like soap operas. Anything can happen. ;)

  17. Dale says:

    Oh, and I will be posting about this soon, but I’m planning to switch to a theme called Comicpress specifically for comics which will hopefully improve the entire site for appearance and navigation and should correct that ordering problem. I’m just waiting for the new version to come out which is supposed to be any day now.

  18. Ofer Nave says:

    I just finished reading Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”. It would be funny to see a Harry Browne character pop up randomly in the background, unacknowledged, just doing his own thing. :)

  19. bafi says:

    This post is very true. I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks gread post!

  20. Alex Libman says:

    I was putting the whole story together for a forum — — and noticed something - is he eating the Easter Egg from the 4/4/08 comic? :D

  21. Dale says:

    He’s eating a powdered donut. Thanx for re-posting those, btw. It’s great promotion.

  22. shanonaoanoan says:

    now we need the IPU!!