I’m Not Afraid of the Anarchy Boogeyman

People have been persistently urging me to have a table at the Porcupine Freedom Festival and I finally gave in. So I had been brainstorming about what to do there and I got some ideas for t-shirts and what not. Then an idea hit me. As long as I’m sitting at the table, why not do something useful while I’m there? So my thing is drawing and I’ve seen people at fairs and such doing caricatures for people. I decided to do something similar but with an Anarchy In Your Head twist.

Are you a fan of the anarchy boogeyman? How about getting your picture taken with him, so to speak? Here’s a sample of what you can get at my table for $10 $15 and a little patience while you sit and let me sketch you digitally into the design. I used a familiar face, Ian Bernard, the host of Free Talk Live. Hopefully he won’t mind. Hmm… maybe I should have asked. :)

Ian Bernard is not afraid of the anarchy boogie-man

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I’ll print a color copy and sign it, but I will also generate a .png of the image along with a couple of different sizes of avatars of your face and zip those up and email them to you. In addition, your design will have its own section in the Anarchy In Your Head store for a limited time so you can order t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and other things with your custom design. Here’s a glimpse at what your store will look like along with prices, though I can’t promise that the supplier won’t change these prices by June.

Ian’s Custom Porcfest Store

I do have some concern about my speed of drawing. I’m faster than when I started but I still don’t feel really fast. So another thought I had was that I would offer a few locals a chance to pose for me ahead of time. For a limited number of people who are willing to volunteer, I’ll do your image for free. All I ask for is a promise that you will order a t-shirt and wear it to Porcfest to help promote my table. I’ll be wearing AIYH t-shirts all week including one custom shirt with my own cartoon image. This will give me a little practice and let me gauge how much time I’ll need for each of these so I can let interested people know.

If you’re a fan of the cartoon, here’s your chance to get a personal keepsake before I get far too famous and wealthy for this kind of personal service. :)

I’ve also created a design to go along with the porcupine theme of the festival that you can order now so you’ll have it to wear there.

Porcupine is not afraid of the anarchy boogie-man

This is actually a revised design. The first design struck me as a tad too ghey. It looks like they’re about to do some ballroom dancing. What do you guys think?

Porcupine holding hands with Anarchy Boogie-man

UPDATE 5/6/2008: The first satisfied customer gave me permission to repost his image.

Landon's not afraid of the Anarchy Boogeyman

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Puke says:

    Awesome idea.
    I’ll buy a shirt.

  2. Reverend Ryan says:

    That guy’s too fat to be Ian.

  3. Taxinator says:

    If I have my visage on one the AIYH shirts, will that destroy any possible hope I have of a future political career?

    Dale, I’ll be happy to sit for you to practice and then pay for the tee shirt. I’ll be your portraiture guinea pig. You could probably arrange for a few people to be drawn at any of the events, like Ice Cream Social or Taproom Tuesday.

    Thanks for committing to doing this at PorcFest. It will be a big hit. Even better than face painting . . .

  4. Taxinator says:

    Regarding the dancing partners . . .

    I think those two make a lovely couple and would have some smart, independent, talented children.

  5. For avatar sizes, I’ve discovered that 48, 64, 65, 80, 96, and 100 are used in various places. There are probably other sizes, but that’ll cover all of our forums, Digg, MySpace, Friendster, Yahoo profiles, MSN profiles, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and probably plenty of other places, too.

  6. I left this on one of the forum threads, but I’ll repost it here:—

    Don’t use “straight” quotes. They’re kludgy and it makes the type look unprofessional. The only thing worse typographically is to use ’em upside-down (e.g., the Ron Paul ‘08 ads out there).

    /pet peeve

  7. Dale says:

    In the design where the boogie-man and the porcupine are holding hands, I did that because I realized that the original design didn’t work with a porcupine- where his arm is around the shoulder. Ouch! And then since it looked a little ghey, I revised it with them holding up peace signs. If anyone likes the hand-holding one, I can make that one available too. I’m probably going to change the font at the top. I’ve decided I don’t like it. I may use a bold version of my standard speech text- Purisa.

  8. GiV3 M3 NoV@C@iN3 says:

    well i am scared of that monster thing regardless of the @narchy part of it
    I @m @ PrOuD @nArChIsT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I LoV3 LuP3 says:


  10. Tom says:

    This is great! I’ll buy one from you…

  11. bafi says:

    Great idea! Nice idea for shirts:)

  12. Pat K says:

    Nice work Dale, I’ll have to stick around
    and see what else you come up with
    during your mid-life crisis. :)