Existentialism In Your Head

Existentialism In Your Head

Fear not. Poopen Von Schnergenberger will be back. I just thought people could use a little break from the poo.

UPDATE (2010/03/01): I suppose this is an analogy for describing panentheism, a term I recently discovered from this video which is a pretty good description of my views on the nature of reality, at least to the best of my current ability to understand based on my experience, though that should go without saying.

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  1. A religion based on mathematical law would make far more sense than most of what’s out there nowadays. Of course, the ancient Pythagoreans had you beat by a couple millennia…

  2. Taxinator says:

    I find the new “Soap Bubble Theory” of creation more credible than, say, FSM.

    By the way, who are what was R^3?

  3. Puke says:

    Heh, bubbles dreaming of grandeur.
    At least the bubble is thinking more than the stupid kid.
    Stupid kids. >:(

  4. Cyro says:

    R^3 = Radius to the 3rd dimension. The measurement of a sphere… in very loose terms.

    Now give me more poop!

  5. Kids are not stupider, and are smarter than poop. 😉

  6. Dale says:

    Bad news is I totally screwed up the mathematical formula for a sphere. Good news is the mistake inspired the next comic which will be a bonus comic on Wednesday. The regular strip will continue on Friday. 🙂