Why Are You Missing Porcfest?

Why Are You Missing Porcfest?

Sakal/CAI is sponsoring a fantastic party tent all week, well-stocked with a variety of adult beverages. Alt Expo is sponsoring many events and sharing lots of ideas for out-of-the-system activists. They’re also sponsoring gourmet coffee that was freshly roasted yesterday especially for Porcfest. There are bus tours every day to key cities in New Hampshire so people can explore places they may want to live. Live bands will be playing on the weekend. Hundreds of hardcore liberty lovers of all stripes are traveling from all over the country to have a good time with like minds.

This is the party of the year for liberty lovers. There’s no need to be a signer of the FSP pledge and there’s no pressure to do so just to have a great inexpensive vacation with a bunch of other people who love freedom as much as you. However, allow me to provide fair warning. From my own experience last year and from talking to others, it also seems to be the turning point for a lot of people who have been interested in the Free State Project and were casually considering whether to move to New Hampshire. For many people who thought they might move sometime far in the future, Porcfest is what makes them want to move sooner. Hundreds have already moved, so moving to NH is about more than activism. It’s about improving your lifestyle by improving the quality of people you associate with on a regular basis.

So if you love liberty and you’re not a soap bubble, what’s your excuse for missing Porcfest?

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  1. GRAFFITI says:

    Nice comic…
    Soap bubbles fear not. 😉

  2. Kevin Dean says:

    I love how you’ve tied them together. 🙂

  3. David Krouse says:

    Feel bad about it, but this will be the first year in 4 that I have missed Porcfest. 🙁

  4. Mark says:

    I like the pointy head of the psychiatrist. It’s more likely to pop the liberty bubble than any Porcupine.

  5. Puke says:

    Shrinks are the devil.

  6. blackacidlizzard says:

    The bubble / porcupine story arc is my favorite, it has almost everything I value deeply.

    Also, I’m glad to see you’re still alive and at least well enough to come back here and make more comics.

    Thomas Nast’s cartoons are more well known than even Paine’s “common sense,” let alone any writings coming from Nast’s time (which even my classical liberal politico nerdy ass can’t think of at the moment – other than Upton Sinclair, who can suck my cock in hell!!!!!)

    What was i saying?

    oh yeah, I love what you do.