Getting Anarchy Into More Heads

As you know from the last two comic strips, this last week I was attending Porcfest, which left me with a lot of great news.

Dale Everett author of AIYH interviewed by Free Talk LiveI was briefly interviewed on the Saturday night broadcast of Free Talk Live. Click here to listen to the recorded podcast. My interview starts about an hour and nine minutes into it. I announced the transition to a twice a week comic release schedule. I also announced that the first National meeting of Pink Pistols will be at next year’s Porcfest. My friend Ryan is running the NH chapter and I’m sponsoring Pink Pistols gear in my store with no mark-up so neither of us makes any money on those items. We just want to make them available as cheaply as possible. I was also interviewed by Pete Eyre of Bureaucrash. I’ll post a link when that video is released. I also got to meet and party with YouTube video bloggers Anarcho Jesse and Thor’s Miter Saw. I’ve been subscribed to their videos for a while.

I got a lot of orders for custom designs. One customer said getting a custom AIYH design was his primary reason for attending Porcfest this year. Glad to do what I can to attract more liberty loving folks to the festival. I eventually modernized and borrowed a digital camera so people wouldn’t have to wait there while I draw them. That allowed me to focus more on talking to visitors about the comic and selling other items at the table. The only downside is it also allowed me to procrastinate so now I’m backlogged with custom design work, but that’s OK with me. I should be caught up soon and I’ll post a gallery of those images.

To top it all off we had another huge traffic spike. I’d like to say it was caused by Porcfest, but it appears to be a coincidence. Two weeks ago, there was a Stumbleupon rush that resulted in record-breaking traffic for the site. Since Friday, we’re experiencing another rush, also from Stumbleupon, that broke records yet again and this one seems to be lasting longer. According to Google Analytics, Anarchy In Your Head has had over 9300 unique visitors in the last 30 days. Compare that to about 2000 for the 30 days prior. There are some free and easy ways you can help keep this trend going and get anarchy into more heads with tips from the support page.

When you refer your friends to the site, remind them to scroll down and check the blog as well. Soon I’ll be adding video and animation. I’m looking forward to bringing you more great content and news!


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  1. I *love* the Obama “You’re going to be very disappointed” bumper sticker!
    Where did that come from? I want to link to it on forums & blog posts…

  2. Pat K says:

    Your site is getting better all the time.

  3. Rebel says:

    Good stuff Dale! Keep up the good work…

  4. Puke says:

    I comment in order to increase the comments section.

  5. Aaron Kinney says:

    Dale said:

    “…and I’m sponsoring Pink Pistols gear in my store with no mark-up so neither of us makes any money on those items. ”

    What????? COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    j/k 😉

  6. RichardJ says:

    I submitted your post to LibertyGator. Register an account at LibertyGator and submit your posts from your website every once in a while and hopefully more liberty minded individuals will see them.

    I need more submissions and votes from free marketeers/anarchists. Much of the submissions are just Ron Paul or Bob Barr related.

  7. Pat K says:

    I post again as I can’t let that
    Puke guy out post me.

  8. Puke says:

    Them’s sound like fightin’ words squid! 😀

  9. Pat K says:

    I am much to delicate for that.
    You dog faced brute.

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