An Aging Constitution

An Aging Constitution

I know it’s offensive to a lot of people when someone says that the Constitution is just a piece of paper. When I say it, it’s not to suggest that it doesn’t matter if we ignore it. I find it appalling that we don’t honor the rights that it attempts to protect. Saying that it’s just a piece of paper is simply facing the reality that you shouldn’t put your faith in a piece of paper to do anything. Each of us has to work to protect our rights. This July 4th, I suggest you declare your personal independence from the State. It may not be much more than a statement for now, but freeing your mind is an important first step.

The idea for today’s cartoon was suggested by a Richard Onley. Thanx, Richard.

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  1. Jacobus says:

    Here’s my suggestions for 4th of July:
    1. Do something fun with friends and/or family
    2. Boycott government-sponsored activities (e.g. parades) or activities that glorify state service (e.g. memorials)
    3. Read some anarchist literature – for 4th of July I recommend Lysander Spooner’s No Treason; The Constitution of No Authority

  2. Puke says:

    Nice word play.

  3. funny
    that bun is disturbing

  4. AnarchoJesse says:

    Something about his eyes is making me bug out.

  5. Pat K says:


  6. Polycentrist says:

    I find nothing wrong with calling the Constitution a piece of paper. It was made in the first place to suppress Indians, slaves and tax rebels, and to give special privileges and subsidies to bankers, public debt holders, land speculators, and industrialists at the expense of everyone else. The Bill of Rights was added in because certain states would not join without some guarantees of freedom. (Unfortunately, since the rights are formulated in such a way as to be free-floating, tied to the declarations of the state, rather than tied to use of scarce resources, and if the states had unconditionally withheld their assent to the Constitution the Federal government wouldn’t exist and thus wouldn’t be rampaging throughout the world, the Bill of Rights just ends up being another tool of statism rather than a control.)