Things Paper’s Good For

Things Paper’s Good For

Let’s play the Anarchy In Your Head version of Family Feud! Name things that paper is good for. I’ll start us off.

“Writing down a grocery list”


“Establishing the Supreme Law of the Land”


“Protecting human rights!”


Place your answers in the comments.

Discussion (17)¬

  1. NJLiberty says:

    starting fires in the grill

  2. turbo says:

    i know, i know… money!

  3. Simon T Jester says:

    Wiping my backside, if it’s soft enough.

  4. Ron Helwig says:

    turbo, you are incorrect! Paper is no good for money.

  5. Anarchy Boogeyman says:

    Rolling a joint.

  6. Eric B. says:

    Umm… recording crackpot manifestos? Oh, and wrapping presents (a belated “Happy Birthday,” Dale!)…

  7. Slim says:

    Creating contracts between 2 individuals

  8. Lauren says:

    writing laws to abolish all immorality!

    XXX ooohhh. :(

  9. Drawing comics about anarchism.

  10. Aaron Kinney says:

    Wiping your ass!

    In fact, I hereby request two copies of the US Constitution. One to take a dump on, and one to wipe my ass with.

  11. Polycentrist says:

    Making a dunce hat to put on the heads of people who actually believe that said list of arbitrary claims by mercantilists has any moral power!

  12. Agape says:

    Slim, I just wanted to mention? A contract between two sovereigns is the agreement itself. You know how there’s the handshake verbal contract? All the paper does is record and document agreement to the contracted terms. A similar documentation could be obtained by taking a video record of the event now.

    In the spirit of the comic, I will say that paper is really good for printing out false and misleading advertisements. Some people seem to believe if it’s written on a piece of paper, it couldn’t possibly be a lie!

    And making little paper umbrellas to put in your drink. Those are always fun. Unless some protected industry decided to use benzene or mercury in the production process.

  13. FreeFall says:

    Writing a book. Which leads to the proliferation of ideas to many people, though the internet also works very well for that these days.

    Drawing graphs.

    Name Tags.

    Passing notes.

    Doing calculations without relying on a calculator.

    Tricking people into thinking it is worth something (I saw a very good video somewhere where a mentalist convinced people that the ordinary paper he was holding was the currency of the region, and actually bought stuff using it).

  14. Core says:

    Grocery list