Bob Barr Speaks to Anarchists

I got to meet Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr when he visited Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester, New Hampshire. I told him that many anarchists remain politically active in an attempt to shrink the government. Also, the Anarchy In Your Head webcomic attracts readers from a wide variety of political views. I’m not a supporter of politics, much less of Bob Barr, so don’t consider this an endorsement. However, I am a fan of free speech and of making as much information available as possible so I offered him a chance to speak to my readers and gave my promise it would be posted on my blog unedited. Expand this entry to see the video.

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  1. Sans Authoritas says:

    No, Mr. Barr. You cannot change the nature of a coercively-funded government by electing new people who initiate aggression in order to fund and implement policies, any more than you can change the nature of a concentration camp by electing a new kommandant and planting flowers around the barbed-wire fence. You can either starve the government by witholding support, or it will constantly grow, due to its power to tax and conscript, and due to the veracity of the public choice theory.

    A small coercively-funded government will never stay small. It is contrary to the very nature of a coercively-funded government to stay small. Change the president of a tax-based government or the kommandant of a death camp, and you’ve still got a tax-based government and a death camp, respectively. Only when people refuse to support the idea of initiating violence to change society will governments and death camps both cease to exist. It is impossible to keep a tax-funded government small. And it is impossible to have a moral death camp. Men must refuse to support the initiation of violence as a means of enacting social change. That, Mr. Barr, is “the only way” men will attain earthly liberty.

    -Sans Authoritas

  2. susan28 says:

    It’s cool he came to Murphy’s, but yeah, we certainly do have our differences with him.. and i say that as a Libertarian, heh.. he and Viguerie are definitely party-jackers, even if he *didn’t* come in just to run. They’re trying to spin Libertarianism as Reaganism, when it’s nothing of the kind; but from an “incrementalist” standpoint he’s as good as we’re gonna get this year unfortunately.

    Still, “incrementalism” is just another word for the very “lesser evil” thing he claims to be against, and, worse still, he doesn’t view himself as a compromise, he thinks he’s the real deal; the icing on the cake; the cherry on the freakin’ sundae.. Don’t vote for the lesser evil, he says, vote for *him* - he’ll jail your friends for selling drugs, but that’s not evil that’s “just”, because he thinks drug use is “wrong” .. yeah: wrong, private, consensual behaviour.. and what’s left of your little social circle will be shipped down to South America to take up where Reagan left off, spending lives and ill-gotten, ever-inflating dollars to “fight communism”.. I can smell the stench of his brand of “Liberty” clear down here in Florida, and it smells worse than Lake Okeechobee in drought season..

    And heaven forbid some thug manages to get past my Glock and knock me up, Barr would make me an Incubator of the State.. gotta keep breeding that cannon fodder for his war against the drug-trafficking South American Leftist Guerillas.. just be careful you don’t hit any of those drug-trafficking RIGHTIST guerillas, cuz THEY’re our FRIENDS..

    i don’t care if he DOES bring the LP the highest vote count in party history, if those votes translate into new “Reagan Libertarians” infesting the LP, then they can stuff those votes where Nature split ‘em..


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  5. I’m happy Barr is “reaching out” to us, even though he has a long ways to go.

    I *won’t* be voting for him in November and I think the Federal Government is beyond saving, but I plan to give him $5 on “Bob Barr moneybomb day”, August 5, to keep NH high in the ratings.

    If he brings the work “libertarian” closer to people who used to call themselves “conservative”, I think that’s a Good Thing. Once they think they are libertarian, it’s a matter of time before the wind up with the rest of us anarchists. Reconstructing one’s self-identity takes time, ya know :)

  6. Jim Rongstad says:

    Socialism came in small steps. It is time for radical incrementalism!

    Go ahead and condemn me, but I am all for compromise as long as it is comprise that moves us closer to freedom. But than I am a minarchist.