Prosecuting Market Choice

Prosecuting Market Choice

Contrary to a common belief, we don’t really have a free market, and what little bit is left is being chipped away.

Today’s comic was inspired by a comment from Brain Police. He does some great videos about the free market on YouTube. I recommend checking out his channel.

EDIT 8/7/2008: Comments that it makes no sense to name the comic “Prosecuting the Free Market” and then pointing out that we don’t have a free market were well taken. I guess I thought of it as an attack on what choices are left to us in the market place, the limited portion or the extent to which the market remains free, but the fact remains that it was hypocritical to use that title while at the same time pointing at that we don’t actually have a free market so I have hot-fixed it.

This strip was reposted by Manuel Lora on Lew Rockwell Blog!

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Discussion (19)¬

  1. Best AIYH I’ve seen in a while! Love it, Dugg it!!!

  2. Ryan McGuire says:

    I think my coworkers heard me cackle at that one ;)

  3. Black Bloke says:

    The Incredible Bread Machineā€¦

  4. susan28 says:

    excellent observation, it’s just like that too.. you can’t win.. winning bad! (apparently)

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  6. Aaron Kinney says:

    Hey your comic is now on the LRC blog. Good work!

  7. Brainpolice says:

    I got it from something walter block said once.

  8. Tsh. Stop making excuses for the exploiter class.

  9. Kevin Dean says:

    Excellent installment Dale!

  10. Actually while correct, I believe the politically correct media approved term used for collusion is price fixing.

  11. Pat McCotter says:

    This is all thanks to the Sherman Anti-trust Act of 1890. Gotta stop them cartels, y’know. Unless, of course, they pay us big bucks to allow them to sidestep the law.

  12. Jim Rongstad says:


    Great one! Those damn capitalists!

  13. David Krouse says:

    Shame on you Dale, you can’t point out the illusion of free markets, we gotta keep winning elections ya know. ;( :) Just kidding. :D

  14. Obbop says:

    Quite appropriate that the comic’s whiners are all female. Appropriate in many ways at many levels.

  15. anonymous says:

    I am using this picture as my facebook profile pic, if that is alright with you. Your name and website link still appear in the bottom so that you are adequately recognized for the work.

  16. Dale says:

    It’s more than alright with me. It’s great promotion for the site!

  17. Puke says:

    Good one. Is there nothing the gov’t can’t screw up?

    No, there isn’t.

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