Adult Games in the Eyes of a Child

Adult Games in the Eyes of a Child

People play a lot of games to manufacture illusions of authority. Today’s comic strip goes well with some documentaries being done by Sam of the Obscured Truth Network. Expand this entry to view one.

See the rest at the Obscured Truth Network.

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  1. susan28 says:

    man, i can *so* relate to that demoralisation.. it’s so blatantly authoritarian and patently *absurd* it saps my very will to live.. just makes me wanna pick up my toys and go home..

  2. All hail the almighty judge, decides how you’re punished, represented and even how you plea. That’s seems kind of unfair, doesn’t it?
    You’re right the judge gets to cheat.

  3. Puke says:

    It’s the man-dress that gives them power!

    That and the people with guns.

  4. many judges are not worthy of being stood up for … but stood up to