T.M.I. Grandma

T.M.I. Grandma

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  1. susan28 says:

    hey man, IIP!! (information is power, hehe).

    did i ever tell you about the time this guy offered me 50 bucks to… eh, never mind 😉

  2. Darian says:

    What? No GILF in the comic?

  3. Black Bloke says:


  4. Puke says:

    It is wierd to think that some folks grandmother’s where once hookers, strippers, porno stars or whatever else it is that people do.

  5. This is obviously the sort of comic you get when you take Dale to Boston and keep him out past his bedtime.

  6. Jen says:

    My grandma was apparently a wild one… but luckily I don’t have any details!

  7. Pat K says:

    Grandma was a very freaky girl…..

  8. Core says: