Happy Birthday, Free State Project!

Happy Birthday, Free State Project!

Today’s comic is a continuation of a little series I did with the soap bubble character where he meets a free stater at Porcfest and they get it on. You can click here to jump to the first of that short story line or click here to see when the soap bubble was first introduced. There’s also a bubble tag in the tag cloud that will filter all the strips involving the bubble.

The Free State Project turned five years old on October 2nd, yesterday. It’s changed a lot since it’s first inception. It started out as project to sign 20,000 people up and once that number is reached everyone would move to New Hampshire within five years to get to work promoting liberty. You can get the details at their website. While that number is still a goal, a lot of people got impatient and went ahead and moved. I’m one of them. I didn’t sign up fast enough to be a part of the first 1000 but I am an early mover and a signer on another project called the next 1000. We’ve already had some success here, but regardless of the degree of success we experience, these are my kind o people, and I just like living here.

Here’s a video by The Ridley Report on the occasion.

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  1. Taxinator says:

    Let’s see . . . using Porcupine math, the nearly 600 Free State activists now in New Hampshire are tantamount to 3,000 regular people activists! That sounds about right. The liberty train is gaining momentum; get on while the good seats are still available.
    Congrats to the FSP on its 5th b-day, and kudos to the Fabulous First 1000!

  2. Mark says:

    This cartoon has so many layers of political-ideological nuance and sub-plot. For example, the bubble is worried about being incarcerated for innocently engaging in a consensual, victimless “crime;” and the burning cigarette reinforces the need for a smoking ban in all places other than outdoor parking lots larger than one acre. But through it all, the Porcupine keeps smiling. Why? Because he is free.

  3. susan 28 says:


    here’s a Monitor article mentioning FSP for those who missed it: http://www.concordmonitor.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080915/FRONTPAGE/809150302

  4. Slim says:

    5 years and 8700 signers. I think the FSP has just about reached the top of the hill one more little push and the snowball will roll down the far side growing larger and larger every second.

  5. Anton Lee says:

    funny comic! God Bless the FSP.

  6. Puke says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Pat K says:

    Years from now I can brag that I know the
    guy who started the big Bubble,Porcupine Porn trend. 🙂

  8. Bliss says:

    So is the porcupine supposed to be the female?

  9. Blue says:

    How does a porcupine have sex with a bubble?

  10. Dale says:

    “How does a porcupine have sex with a bubble?”

    Very carefully

  11. Alex Libman says:


    Of course there’ll be some who’ll say that October 1st 2003, the date NH was officially chosen, isn’t really the “birth” of the FSP. The idea was conceived in summer of 2001 (domain name registered August 12th), and Wikipedia cites the founding date as September 1, 2001.

    I think there are a few advantages to using the older date. It makes the project look more established and recognizes the efforts that took place before NH was selected. It also shows that it didn’t come about as the result of post-9/11 paranoia / reactionary Bush Derangement Syndrome, as some might claim.

    Random thought: will we be seeing any anthropomorphic buffalos (representing Free State Wyoming) in the strip?

  12. Kevin Dean says:

    Thanks Dale! Any jab at the insane AoC laws is greatly appreciated. Happy New Hampshire-being-chosen-as-the-destination-to-attain-more-freedom-and-liberty Day!