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If You Vote, You Can’t Complain

We’re all familiar with the expression “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” I take issue with that. It’s 1984 double-speak to me. We, the peasants, are presented with this extremely infinitesimal chance to influence the choice from an extremely small selection of masters, the choices having essentially already been picked by the elite. We then play the game and we are permitted to complain about the results knowing full well the rules and the stakes beforehand. Excuse me? That sounds like very poor sportsmanship.

I don’t accept the rules or the stakes. I don’t want to be a slave under either McCain or Obama and I don’t appreciate others taking it upon themselves to pick who will be my master. Having an infinitesimal chance of influencing a choice of two masters does not make me feel the slightest bit free. Even if I had the only vote and could pick one of the two, that would not make me feel less a slave.