Ever heard of money spiders?

Some people, like the guy in the video below, think the idea of arachno-capitalism is stupid, but I personally don’t think spiders need a state. Oh, but I do want to thank Darwin’s Hamster for inspiring this comic.

Arachno-Capitalism is Stupid

Discussion (13)¬

  1. spiderman says:

    He’s right, you know.

  2. The hamster has a point. Where would the keep the money? Do spiders even understand trade, let alone property rights?

    Arachno-capitalists are as bad as arachno-socialists, in my opinion. Rampant idealism, I say!

  3. Mike says:

    This may be the first time I’ve ever used this webism: WTF?

    I can’t tell if the guy in the video is serious (and stupid) or earnest (and what’s his point?).

  4. Blue says:

    I think that arachno-capitalism is essentially the basis of commerce on the world-wide web. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  5. Puke says:

    That was a whole lot of stupid thoughts.
    Was that a joke or is the man retarded?

  6. Dale says:

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think he’s making a joke.

  7. Ryan McGuire says:

    Arachno in your head — Now that’s something scary!

  8. Darwin’s Hamster huh? Yeah, I know him from youtube.

    Frankly I don’t know what to think of the guy.

  9. [...] Ottobre 21, 2008 di rantasipi Ricordo che qualcuno in famiglia ha sempre detto di non pestare i ragni, “che i porta schéi”. Sarà per quello che sono diventato arachno-capitalista. [...]

  10. John H. says:

    I actually found this absolutely hilarious. It’s clearly a joke, and a pretty funny one.

  11. zardoz says:

    Isn’t it Ironic that this site has an ad to vote for Sarah Palin?

  12. Dale says:

    The Google ads can be frustrating sometimes. They’re based on word searches, but not necessarily very intelligent. Sometimes I’m criticizing politicians and those politicians ads will show up. I’ve often banned certain sites from advertising, which is possible, but it’s tedious and then new ones just take their place. *sigh*