Is Secession A Pipe-dream?

Is Secession A Pipe-dream?

That’s a topic of discussion at Third North American Secessionist Convention in Manchester this weekend. There’s still time to attend if you’re not too far away. Admission is free. However, if you haven’t RSVP-ed, I understand the main event is standing room only.

I’ve always been quite the skeptic about any notions of secession. However, that’s based on things as they have been. Times are changing, and quickly. Tensions are rising and it seems to be just beginning. Secession might be the relief valve that is needed. So who really can know what the future holds?

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  1. fester says:

    I am not sure if succession will ever actually happen, but things are certainly getting tense. I don’t think I have felt so much tension in the air from liberty activists since the early 90’s. Back then everyone was wound up because of Ruby Ridge and Waco. The only thing that calmed it was the OKC bombing, after that people kind of drained their hatred for a while and no longer felt the need to lash out over Waco. This time I think the tension is more from the war and the economy. I am not sure what it will take to calm folks down this time, but I am sure that jailing Ian is not going to help.

  2. Agape says:

    Imagine if they pushed another Ruby Ridge/Waco type event on top of this tension, eh? I’m still not sure whether they intentionally torched Waco, but they shouldn’t have been sieging it to begin with. So either way they’re pretty well murdererous pigs. Ruby Ridge was afaik more clear-cut, bastards admit their atrocity.

    My issues with an NH secession kinda twofold. The first is that it’s a fairly bad spot to try to leave with. Admittedly, you’d only be cutting Maine off from the rest of the nation. And Maine might jump on a secessionary bandwagon even if it doesn’t join a coalition with NH. But the “denial” of federal property in the form of the highways that cross NH might just be used as an excuse to call out the troops.

    The second is that it might literally just act as a relief valve. A little less totalitarianism for the seceded, but just setting up the next minarchy to bloat into totalitarian. Plus they voted for mcstain, and against even letting doctors give their patients weed.

  3. Dale says:

    Meh, I’m sure we could work out a highway exchange or somethin’. *shrug*

  4. Mark says:

    We don’t need no stinkin’ lower 49!

  5. Mark says:

    Why show a lamb across the border in Mass? Those Massholes from Taxachussetts are wolves (in sheep’s clothing?). If it’s the border with ME then they’re lobsters. If from Vermont, they’re . . . maple syrup jars?

    In any case, they are some sort of PARASITE.

    Good work, Dale.

  6. Hugh Jass says:

    I think it is supposed to be a sheep, representing sheeple.

  7. gu3st says:

    It’s fine to be skeptical, but if you’re skeptical about secession you might as well be skeptical about liberty and the ultimate success of the Free State Project. The likelihood of one is not much different than of the other.

    I am in Europe and considering some of the news I’m seeing from USA which make me think there’s an ongoing USA lock down secession may soon realistically be the only thing that will allow me to move to NH. Think about just this latest thing, having DHS approving plane tickets. It makes it harder for even US citizens to move between states, let alone for some croatian, especially an anarcho oriented one.

    So I think if you’re gonna have “liberty in your life time” as a goal, you’re already adopting a goal there’s lots of reason to be skeptical about. So why not adopt secession too?

    NH must secede sooner or later, in my opinion, sooner better than later, and peaceful better than violent.

  8. I like the imagery.
    NH set adrift on a sea of freedom

  9. susan 28 says:

    never hurts to keep the options open.. and i like New Hampshire Bay :)

  10. Agape says:

    Dale, you’re thinking “reasonable”. Remember, you have to think unreasonable. Think like a leader, who has to admit under his watch 50 went to 49, or even lower. After Lincoln made such a big deal out of holding the Union, anybody who said otherwise would have to admit the civil war was caused by Northern aggression, rather than Southern. And you know the states which are giving more into taxes than they receive out of them are the ones more likely to secede. They wouldn’t be looking for reason. They’d be looking for *a* reason to start trying to force any secessionist back into the union in order to preserve that system of tax and subsidy. Pretty much, every reason you or I might like it, is a reason for the Reich to dislike it.

    gu3st, I’m not skeptical about liberty. And in the short run at least secession would likely reduce the burden of gov over us, and it’d be (marginally) easier to get rid of a smaller state gov than the behemoth that is the fed. But do remember that neither population density nor geographical area are an indicator of how liberty-oriented a nation will be. And that the Swiss Confederation is only *less* embroiled in nanny-statism than its neighbors, not free of it. Without individual secession there is only the degree of bondage. My skepticism is whether anybody will actually try secession, whether the state will remain free of the federal government once it declares itself seceded, and whether trading the fast, domineering federal government for a slightly less vast, domineering state government will really be an improvement.

    And statewise secession isn’t quite equated with liberty. It’s just trading masters.

  11. AnarchoJesse says:

    You colored Lawnguyland to match it with New Joyzee– but it’s actually part of Jew Yawk. Shame on you, Dale!

  12. Puke says:

    I want to be free of the District of Columbia.

  13. Alex Libman says:

    Nice. Maybe not secession but negotiating with the feds for greater autonomy, kinda like an American version of Hong Kong, which would be in everyone’s best interest. The problem is those silly 1 million plus non-libertarians still living in New Hampshire. Who do they think they are, owning property right smack down in the middle of our Free State… Ahem…

  14. Kris says:

    You dont speak for all of New Hampshire. I like how the free-staters have decided they have the right to take away other people’s property for their own naive political crusades.

  15. John Galt says:

    Ummm, Kris…what the hell are you talking about? Who takes away who’s property?

  16. Puke says:

    Secession would give people their property. No one really owns property in America, they just rent it from the gov’t.
    And you’re right, Dale does not speak for all the humans in NH. It’s a cartoon. Learn to laugh you miserable sad sack.

  17. Laereom says:

    Kris, if someone is advocating theft along with secession, then they really don’t belong with the free stater movement. Most voluntaryists/libertarians advocate taking their own property with them, not appropriating through theft property that belongs to someone else. The state, on the other hand…

  18. Unknown says:

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