Frost Heaves

Frost Heaves

When I first moved to New England, I kept seeing signs for frost heaves along the road and without ever having heard of them, my imagination ran wild.

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  1. Ron Helwig says:

    Some friends of mine in college had a band called “The Dry Heaves”.

    I remember going to watch them one time. They started playing something, and it was so bad they just stopped. The lead singer stood there with his head drooping for 20 seconds or so, raised his head and said into the mic “ok, you can laugh now”.

    An aptly named band, if there ever was one. :-)

  2. Taxinator says:

    hehe. I moved from Vegas, so like you, I had NO IDEA WITW frost heaves were. I’ve since learned that the sign is just an excuse the local road department uses for not adequately maintaining the pavement. In our libertarian world, the road with FROST HEAVES AHEAD would cost about 25 cents, while the FROST HEAVES-FREE road would cost a dollar, with a money-back guarantee if you scraped a bumper or an oil pan.

  3. Puke says:

    Lovely play on words.

  4. Jen says:

    Ha, Lou was telling me about these. I’m still curious about the “to reverse direction” signs. Why don’t you just do a U-ie?

  5. Giggan says:

    Just being from NY, my family had no idea what they were. We theorized it might be an ice throwing contest, like a discus toss or something.

  6. drmattbarney says:

    I’m from Wisconsin originally, and I have no idea what Frost Heaves are - anyone care to enlighten another porcupine?

  7. Dale says:

    Did you notice that the word “frost heaves” is click-able? :)