Chains We Can Believe In

Chains We Can Believe In

Regardless of what you call it, mandatory, compulsory, or something else, discussion is already underway in the Obama administration about laws to ensure compliance with national service, i.e. threats of violence to discourage anyone from disobeying orders to serve. I’ve already discussed how we’re all slaves, but this is the most overt form of slavery in recent history.

Today’s comic was inspired by Sam A. Robrin over at the New Hampshire Underground Forums.

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  1. susan 28 says:

    pretty overt alright!

  2. Inspired. Chains, indeed.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh, this is perfect. I like how casual that guy in the audience is.

  4. Darian says:

    Win! I also like the totally blank seal on the podium. So many things besides laziness/efficiency can be read into that.

  5. Pure genius. So funny.

  6. H. Rearden says:

    I have heard it reported that there are anarchists who are for Mr. Thompson (Barack).. Have you heard it reported that anarchists who are protesting the government 20 gatheing have acted like a particular group of ancient barbarians (the vandals)? I have heard it reported that anarchists have destroiyed private property- namely windows-glass.

  7. Puke says:

    His family understands the benefits of slavery.

  8. Dave says:


  9. Porcupine Realtor says:

    Nice play on words.
    What’s next, “Ho’ for America” and a ‘toon of BMO as a simple prostitute selling herself to the highest bidder, with Johns in the alley offering cash? Those Johns are AIG, GM, AFL-CIO, AARP, UAW, SEIU, U.N., etc. Except that even tho BMO is the ho, we’re the ones getting screwed.

  10. Omar says:

    Awesome. Keep it up Dale!

  11. Slim says:

    If I was artistic enough to draw something like this I would have put other Democrats and Republicans behind Obama to show that both are supportive of enslaving people. Just a critique please take it in a constructive way.

  12. Pat K says:

    T-Shirt= AIG got billions, I got mandatory National service

  13. jones says:


  14. silentthriller says:

    Yeah. It would be great if politicians actually said what they mean, people would know the jig is up!

  15. Endymion says:

    Pretty ironic considering he’s a black guy.
    You were all thinking it.

  16. DN says:

    Shmuckbama the Toilatah!!

  17. DN says:

    Shmuckbama the Toilatah!!

  18. billy bob thornton says:

    slavery being the legal ownership of another human being (which means the slave owner is under no obligation to provide any wages, accommodation, sustenance and has the legal rights to beat their slaves). I see no comparison between national service and slavery in any sense other than the body of people who don’t want national service (obviously that also falls apart when you consider that nobody wants to be a slave).

    This is a simple case of a plea to emotion coupled with a fallacy of equivocation; these are just intellectually bankrupt fallacious arguments.

  19. Dale says:

    The beatings only come when the government orders you to do something and you say “no”. Also, you may just have a conveniently more specific definition of “slavery” than people who believe that one person should not be able to order another person around under the threat of violence.