Booger Hut Eviction Notice

Booger Hut Eviction Notice

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  1. Pat K says:

    Is pinching a cop a felony?
    Are booger huts bullet proof?
    Oh the suspense will kill me.

  2. Anthony says:

    Do booger huts float? He should have been seasteading.

  3. Puke says:

    Remember, it’s not stealing; it’s the law!

  4. BoogerRey says:

    Not a fan of booger huts for tapeworms.

  5. BoogerRey says:


    little ass keyboard on this “netbook”

  6. Vesuvius says:

    Did you intentionally give the tapeworm a butthole for a face? Or is that another Freudian slip of the pen, as with the boogie man?

  7. Dale says:

    *sigh* More projection.

  8. Rich Paul says:

    And the best anatomical personification in an anarchist webcomic goes to:

  9. FreeFall says:

    @ Pat K: Spitting at someone can potentially result in an attempted murder charge, do to the number of lethal diseases that can be carried in saliva.