Statism is a Religion

Statism is a Religion

Mike Barskey won the auction for a guest appearance in an Anarchy In Your Head comic strip. Mike, I thought this one fit your personality. Not sure what you’ll think of my caricature of you.

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  1. Ron Helwig says:

    OMG, Barskey has been Barskeyed!

  2. Mike says:

    I love this! I think it fits my character, and I think your caricature looks better than I do in person! Thanks, Dale! :D

  3. Joe says:

    Catholics don’t believe in Sola scriptura so it’d make more sense if you choose a protestant denomination, though it’s still funny.

  4. Nathan N says:

    I love it, Dale. A beer for you and Mike.

  5. Matt says:

    Yeah we need to mock protestants, not the Catholics. The Vatican is the only government in the world that currently is nonviolent, and totally ethical(even if in the past they weren’t).

    Nice comic though. Of course in reality the argument with the cop is, “You violated the law. If we don’t obey the laws, we will have anarchy and chaos, and everybody dies, the end.” Then he tasers you in a totally nonviolent manner.

  6. The Catholic church, ethical? How many Africans die of AIDS every year because the Catholic church has told them that they will burn in hell for using condoms?

    Not to mention the more fundamental evils of irrationality, collectivism, appeal to mysticism and faith, etc. that drive things like the above.

  7. KBCraig says:

    That’s a better Barskey than the real thing!

  8. Puke says:

    Yeah! Fuck god and fuck the police!

  9. H. Rearden says:

    Good toon. I like cartoons that are critical of religion. Does it seem odd that an anarchist would wait for a signal to change if there was no traffic? Do you jaywalk as a protest?


  10. Matt,

    The Vatican is a territorial monopolist like any other State. Do you think they wouldn’t use violence if you were within the territory known as “The Vatican” and refused to follow their laws (whatever laws they do have)?

  11. Adam Wilcox says:

    Excellent, the best comic yet in my opinion. A perfect parallel, especially for atheists who still believe in the state

  12. H. Rearden says:

    The Vatican is a theocracy.

  13. Matt says:

    They are as territorial monopolist like you are on your own home. They built the buildings and homesteaded the property for thousands of years. And I don’t think they are going to kill you for trespassing, but they might escort you out. They might restrain you for vandalism or stealing, I don’t even know if they have a judicial system. And I don’t think they levy taxes either. They haven’t waged wars in a long time.
    Also where do you get this idea that Catholics teach if you use condoms you will go to hell. Not only is there repentance, but If a significant amount of people are getting AIDS, they certainly aren’t practicing monogamy. So if somebody is just randomly following some teachings, and suffering problems isn’t the churches fault,
    Also if you think people believing in something, who don’t use force anymore to convert people into believing the same thing is evil, you don’t seem to have much of an ethical system. You may not like, but how can a nonviolent belief be evil.

  14. Dale says:

    “You may not like, but how can a nonviolent belief be evil.”

    I don’t want to use a loaded and oft misunderstood term like “evil” to describe it, but misguiding someone with notions that are not consistent with reality (untrue) can certainly result in a great deal of harm. I won’t call them lies, because I think that calls for willful deception. I’m not going to accuse the Catholic church of that, though I don’t doubt there are individuals who are guilty of it. The point is, even if a belief is sincere, if it teaches bad behavior that results in harm, many would probably call that evil.

  15. Ofer Nave says:


  16. Conundrum says:

    Well done! I actually recognized Barskey before reading the post.

  17. Alex Libman says:


  18. Lance says:

    Fantastic, Dale! One of your best.

  19. Mark Edge says:

    God is God’s title, not his name. YHWH is God’s name. I’m sorry if the zealots miswrote their law or perhaps the style of cussing has changed from 3,000 years ago, but there is no 3rd Commandment violation from goddamn.

  20. Dale says:

    Mark, I need to send you over to have a talk with one of my first Sunday School teachers.

  21. Paul says:

    Excellent :). As another poster noted, this is especially good for atheistic statists.

    Oh, and I’m not sure why this would bother a catholic or any other person who believes in God, unless there’s some denomination I don’t know about that supports pastors going around writing tickets.

  22. Jim Profit says:

    It’s funny because anarchists are hypocrites with the way they diss minarchists.