Hello Anarkitty

Hello Anarkitty

I’ve heard said that cats are the original anarchists. I know all animals are essentially anarchist but for cats it’s a passion; not just a lack of comprehension of the human fabrication of statism. Anarkitty is inspired by my roommate’s cat. She’s lived with us for a couple months now and she’s already inspired some more ideas for Anarkitty comics.

I know this is futile, but I’m going to ask people not to analyze for some deep political analogy. IT’S NOT THERE! Really.

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  1. Michael Price says:

    “I know all animals are essentially anarchist” Dogs aren’t anarchists. They’re quite prepared to bow down to those that order them around. On the other hand even they won’t stand for random attacks by the alpha.

  2. xrazorwirex says:

    Actually, dogs may be a good example of voluntary order - they join packs and they submit to a leader to provide for them, and should the leader fail he is replaced. They also don’t just bow down at first sight - you have to prove yourself (which isn’t hard being a human and all) to the dog that you’re worthy of being their leader and that it’s going to pay off having you be the provider. Dogs who don’t trust their owners and don’t recognize them as leaders probably only stick around because they are being forced to stay and only cooperate out of fear, much like we do today with our ‘masters’.

    Of course this might spark the already hot discussion about anarchy vs voluntaryism….. I don’t feel like going there, but just for the sake of defending dogs I’ll stick by what I wrote.

  3. xrazorwirex says:

    Also, I poop with the door open (when I’m at home, alone) because my dog will dig at the door jam anyways. She just hangs out next to me and sometimes sits in the door way to keep an eye on me so I don’t go off and do something without her knowing - god forbid she misses out on something.

  4. Fester says:

    I love this. My cat sits outside the bathroom door if I am in there, on occasion he will scratch at the door and I will let him in. He walks around for 1 lap and then goes back to the door for me to let him out after verifying that I am not doing anything interesting.

  5. elkfart says:

    Dale, Do you mean that Anarkitty’s so-called “master” *ISN’T* polishing his knob to the centerfold of Cat Fancy???…*in isolation*???…there, there, Anarkitty, it’s OK!…I really think you have a winner here, Dale! Look out, Simon’s Cat! Let’s hope Anarkitty becomes a regular on AIYH…Um,…”State Dog”???…”republiCAT”???, everwhat…xrazorwirex: Dogs’ behaviour as “pack animals”, w/a vertical, linear heirarchy, is fairly well accepted to be genetically programmed behaviour, isn’t it???…It’s that way in wolves, generally regarded as dog’s direct antecedents…???…N’est pas???…Serious, Dale, I want more Anarkitty. You got the cat-face thing PURR-fect!…

  6. Stuart_Puzzlecoffer says:

    idk, the beret makes him look anarcho-commie. first commies steal the anarchist label, and then che had to take the beret…..

  7. Ross Henri says:

    That’s it! That’s what I’m naming my next cat.

  8. Kevin Dean says:

    New Hampshire Animal Control Agenda 2010: Adopt new policy dealing with abundance of cats called “Anarkitty”.

    Excellent Dale!

  9. KBCraig says:

    Cats aren’t anarchists, they’re oligarchists: they know they rule because they’re superior beings and they deserve their “right of kings”.

  10. Aeon135 says:

    i believe spores were the first anarchists :)

  11. Puke says:

    My cat is certianly anti-authoritarian.

  12. Dan Clore says:

    Scientific American recently had an article on the domestication of the cat. Humans domesticated other animals by taking the role of the alpha male. But (wild) cats are solitary, and don’t have alpha males. Cats just happened to find that living near agricultural areas was a great source of food, while humans both found the cats useful as pest control, and as cats also happen to have features that humans find attractive, the two got along well. Domesticated cats can still easily survive on their own if they have to, unlike all other domesticated animals.

    So there’s a real biological basis for the view that cats are natural anarchists.

    And of course, this might remind readers of the way that Robert Anton Wilson modeled humans as domesticated primates–

  13. Pulsehead says:

    So… what’s the deep dark secret? That you are pooping or that you are reading Cat Fancy Magazine?

  14. KBCraig says:

    Your toilet paper is hanging the wrong way. ;-)

  15. me says:

    no the TP is correct! If you have cats some like to unroll the TP, so people reverse it to foil them!

  16. Alex Libman says:

    Wow, the last two comments occurred in my head when I looked at it last night…

  17. H. Rearden says:

    Manatees are anarchists. There are no dominate or leader manatees and they have no natural enemies as such. Cats anarchists? I don’t think so. A lion is a type of a cat and lions are king of the beasts. Cats are clearly monarchists.


  18. Gaditanton Plumber says:

    Cats lounge around the house expecting to to worship them while you give them food for free. They don’t pull their own weight or do anything in return for their support.

    Cats are statist vermin.

  19. MaineShark says:

    We cannot have this argument over toilet paper roll direction. These elitist cat owners who hang their rolls underhand in defiance of society’s customs must be stopped. Someone must pass a law to mandate that all toilet rolls be hung in the correct, overhand fashion. It’s for the children!

  20. H. Rearden says:

    “I like p;igs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

    - Winston Churchill


  21. Carl_P_Jakkieworth says:

    The manatee should be the new symbol of anarchism. This is just the public image change we need to go mainstream!

  22. H. Rearden says:

    A manatee story.


  23. Ryan X says:

    Yes, Michael Price; You’ve well described anarchism. :)

  24. Markus says:

    Good one Dale. Love the Kitty, I think you’ve got to put her on a Tshirt.