Rejecting the Religion of Statism

In the video below I explain my motives for not going along quietly with a simple citation and paying the fine. Statism is a religion that I simply do not have faith in and those of us who feel that way need to come out of the closet and stop pretending that we do in order to fit in and avoid conflict.

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  1. FSK says:

    The problem is that refusing to pay the fine results in an even bigger penalty.

    It’s one thing to resist the State. It’s another to pick your battles wisely.

    I’m not saying I disapprove of your goal and your viewpoint. I’m disapproving your tactics.

    Of course, if everyone who was a victim of State aggression resisted, then the scam would immediately collapse. If you’re the only one resisting, you’re having a lot of personal hardship for nothing.

  2. Dale says:

    “If you’re the only one resisting…”

    I’m not.

  3. KBCraig says:

    It’s funny, I thought about “the religion of statism” earlier tonight while reading, particulary the “No one is in charge” article.

    Reader “End Game” commented, “The monument to me represents the sacrifice that forefathers made for the sanctity of the union.”

    Sanctity. Really? I doubt that he intended the literal meaning of “sanctity”, but the unintentional irony is not just hilarious, it also seems to be a very literal defintion of his true beliefs: he worships the state.

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  5. H. Rearden says:

    I don’t believe in the religion called anarchism. In fact I don’t believe in any religion.

    $ I am proud to be an individual.

  6. All religions are man-made.

    Stay safe and stay sane. Good on you for clearing the junk out of your head, and showing others the way.

    Just remember that the penalty is always death.

  7. Is that my copy of “PHP Hacks” on your bookshelf? :-)

  8. tone says:

    the minority is indeed growing!

  9. Witt says:

    What is the fine for? You never did say.

  10. Dale says:

    Being late on their inspection requirements.

  11. Witt says:

    So an emissions test, then?

  12. Dale says:

    I don’t know what all they test but I guess that’s part of it.

  13. Witt says:

    First off, I understand your position and why you don’t agree with the fine. Please bear with me on this, I’m not trying to sound condescending.

    I just have a few key points:
    A) You are taking advantage of public property
    B) They have rules for the use of this property
    C) You were given the rules to study before you took a written AND practical exam
    D) You signed a paper and/or digital copy of an agreement to follow these rules(with the signature on your ID being a copy)

  14. Dale says:

    It’s not the fine that I disagree with. It’s their claim that they have the authority to demand it.

    “Public property” is an oxymoron if you understand what “property” means.

    A&B) I have no choice. They have effectively imprisoned me within this so-called public property. Look at all you said. “They” have rules for this property, so they claim it’s their property, at least by how they behave. Calling it public property is just a mind fuck that makes it sound nicer than just flat-out threatening me with violence to make me obey. That’s the velvet glove around the iron fist of statism.
    C) Pfft.
    D) Under duress.

  15. Witt says:

    You can always ride a bike

  16. Trans parent says:

    There is a sound principle of non-resistance by violence back which you comply with. Writing under duress does nothing. What did Ganhdi do? He brought the British colony to his knees however it almost took his whole life an there are billions of people in India compared to a few British. Statements must be made by the deeds of the people. This ruling race has been in power for 5000 years since Babylon. They just retreated from India and transformed into corporations worldwide. They cannot be stopped without a global transformation of thought.

  17. Rogue Scholar says:

    i think only in a FREE society, true candor can flourish and prosper. i only obey enough laws to keep the establishment AKA babylon off of my case. i have lost total faith in the forced cooperation of human beings. have you read or considered the works of henry david thoreau? you brought up alot of points that are reminiscent of his literature. most importantly, “civil disobedience”. you are offering no violence toward the predatory state, but you are not being 100% compliant with their religious beliefs. the clerical fanatics of the inquisition are STILL out to remove any non-conforming concept from the consciousness of the population mass. a combination of the government, some corporate entities, and popular cultural beliefs come together to form the establishment which puts walls and fences up where people could once freely roam. it is a common human psychological SYNDROME to think : i have power to act, hence i have authority; i have authority, whereby i derive my power to act. it is CIRCULAR LOGIC, with no better justification than itself. i am also quite fain to trust my safety to the judgement of people who don’t love me.

  18. Dale says:

    I’ve only studied Thoreau in a patchy manner but I’d really like to read more. He seemed way ahead of his time on such matters.

  19. Dale says:

    Jon, I deleted your comment without marking it as spam (this time). That should keep your future comments from having a higher spam rating. Here’s why.

    I’ve heard a LOT about that. People call into Free Talk Live frequently with it. I’ve seen no proof ever. I have seen it tried so I’ve seen contradictory evidence. And they are selling people stuph. Until I see a success story in action, like a video in court, then I consider it a scam to sell videos and info packets to people desperate for freedom.