Porcfest Party 2010 (3 of 3)

Porcfest Party 2010 (3 of 3)

This pretty well describes my experience at The Porcupine Freedom Festival last year.  I don’t have the excuse of not knowing about the events though.  I had several I was looking forward to attending but I was having such a good time just hanging out and enjoying the nice camping experience with great people that I lost track 0f time and missed all or some of most of what I had planned to attend.  I was even late for an event I was supposed to speak at!  I felt so bad.  Sorry, Carla!  This year I will be careful not to have so much fun that I completely lose track of what day and what time it is.

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Dale says:

    Apparently Curtis no longer has the goatee. Oh well. It was so subtle anyway. Can’t blame me for forgetting.

  2. SuJin says:

    The scary thing is that I can actually picture Richard saying that. HAHAHA!

  3. Richard says:

    I have said that–except the word wasn’t “Moxie” . . .

  4. KBCraig says:

    That’s exactly my experience, Dale. All the “events” sounded fun, but we were having too much fun to go!

  5. Puke says:

    Porcfest -is- the event.

  6. peacemaker says:

    There’s so much going on EVERYWHERE at Porcfest that the “Events” do seem tough to catch up too!

    But I do know ONE “Event” that Dale WON”T FORGET and will BE AT (hint:: got dance?!)

    See you there Dale! 🙂

  7. If I could grow a goatee like that, I’d still have it.

    Puke is right, PorcFest itself is THE event. Everything else is “such and such @ PorcFest”

    I think I might try something really radical in the realm of “event scheduling” next year.

    Stay tuned…


  8. Hey, how come Cooper n Josh switch places between Frame 1 & 2?

  9. Sov_Bob says:

    I must say I’m looking forward to it.

  10. Amossk says:

    You don’t seem to be updating quite as often as you used to. Is everything ok?

    Sorry if I sound pushy or anything, because that is not my intent. Its just that all we have to judge your current state of well being by is your comic updates and that little blurb underneath them.

  11. Dale says:

    I’ve been super busy with other projects. I’m afraid I can’t afford for Anarchy In Your Head to be more than a hobby at this point and the comics are time-consuming. That may change in the future. On the rare occasions I have time, I’m trying to put out a comic and also look into simplifying my style so I can do them faster. I’ll give an update soon about other creative projects.

  12. Velojym says:

    Is that Ian??