Prometheus Unchained: My New Show

Prometheus Unchained: My New Show

You may recall a post where I talked (in jest, mostly) about how we named the show. Tomorrow is our 2nd live episode of Prometheus Unchained, a radio show where Neal Conner and I talk about LGBT issues (lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender) from a liberty perspective.  I’m guilty of a mild breach of protocol by posting the cover art of the show as a comic, but otherwise it will get pushed down the page and possibly missed by new visitors.

You can listen live on the Liberty Radio Network between Noon and 2pm every Sunday or download any past episode for free for your computer or portable listening device from our website. RSS Feed is also now available. The website was just updated from what was essentially just a placeholder and the archive is now hosted on the new server which will be much more convenient. Download the first episode if you missed it.

I hope you’ll join us!

A note to those subscribed to the email list– the list is currently not functional which is why you didn’t get an email update about this post.  I apologize and I’ll be addressing this and other reliability issues of this site in the immediate future.

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