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It’s all you

Do you notice when you’re dreaming that people in your dreams seem strange to you and do strange things? Sometimes you have nightmares and they might even be chasing you and trying to kill you.

Have you given much thought to that? Those people are YOU. They’re part of your mind. Even the objects in the dream that you’re seeing, hearing, touching, and otherwise interacting with are YOU. They’re alive. How do the characters in your dreams ever surprise you with what they do next? Why do they ever disagree with you? Why are you arguing with that rude lady in the checkout line at the grocery store when she’s YOU?

There must be some reason, right? Your mind manufactures dreams for¬†some¬†reason. Maybe the various things in your dream are symbolic of some inner conflict or dilemma that you’re trying to figure out and you’re working through that thought process with personifications and metaphors. Maybe your brain is strengthening certain neural connections and solidifying memories and the dream is just how your conscious mind experiences that process. Maybe your brain is just emptying the trash of trivial thoughts and memories like when your computer runs a maintenance protocol to save space on your hard drive and keep it running more efficiently.

Regardless, everything that is you is a lot more than your conscious mind. It’s your subconcious. It’s your hormones–they affect your decisions. It’s how hungry you are. It’s the pain you’re feeling at any moment. Dreams about our teeth falling out are common when we have toothaches. But do you wonder if part of your brain is a lot smarter than you realize conciously and maybe it knows exactly what it’s doing and why?

Sleep tight.

This is somewhat related to an article I wrote a while back called What we are and what we aren’t.