Anarchy In Your Head is a comic drawn from a dark sense of humor but a light heart. It started out primarily as a medium for political satire. It’s evolved a lot over the years. After a long period of hiatus, I’m thinking of getting it going again and moving largely away from politics and just expressing whatever’s on my mind in what will hopefully be an entertaining manner.

One part of my philosophy continues to be true. Anarchy is a state of mind. It’s about freeing your thinking from what society or culture define for us. It’s about realizing how much our beliefs are influenced by our various biases. In terms of how it affects our politics, it means realizing that authority structures are imperfect and that authority figures have their own motivations that aren’t always in the best interests of the people they rule over. We have to keep the conversation going to continually seek truth.

All in all, I’ve become fairly apolitical and in particular have no hope for influencing National politics. Politics in general and National politics in particular are a phenomenon created by millions of people pursuing their personal interests and interacting in a manner that makes the overall result seem nearly random. We can hope to influence it as much as we can hope to influence a hurricane or an earthquake. Instead focus on living the best lives we can amidst such uncontrollable phenomena.

Anarchy isn’t a form of government or a social system. It’s a personal philosophy.

Anarchy isn’t the goal. It’s the path.

Anarchy isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

Anarchy starts in your head.

>> Last updated on 2016/4/26